Miner and Kelly Law represents personal injury and auto accident cases in Sacramento, California.

Miner And Kelly Law Testimonials

“I’ve known Mike as a bike racer for many years. When I lay in a coma after a bike versus bike crash, my family discovered he was also a tremendous attorney. Mike stayed with me in the hospital. Mike reconstructed my accident to reveal the other rider’s error and we settled for that rider’s homeowner’s policy. Mike was there for me and my family under the most extreme conditions. I trust him with my life.” — Rich Mader

“My eight year old daughter was attacked and bitten on the face by a dog while attending her first sleepover. She had horrible scars on her face and it was a very emotional time for me. Mike and Loyal not only took over the case as lawyers but they were there for me and my daughter through all of the doctors’ appointments, crying sessions and throughout the pendency of the litigation. Mike and Loyal made us feel like part of their family and settled the case quickly and fairly. To this day, Mike and Loyal are more than just my attorneys – they are my friends.” — Rebecca McDougal

“I was in a rear-end car accident while on the job. Workers’ Compensation did little to assist me in getting the appropriate medical care. Mike and Loyal took my case and believed in me. Even when Workers’ Compensation didn’t want to help me, Mike and Loyal financed a back surgery for me, got me back on my feet and got my life back for me. Even when the system failed me, Mike and Loyal were able to get me the surgeries I needed and almost a million dollars settlement award. They are my attorneys for life.” — Tony Surita

“I was in a car accident while on the job. The impact was so hard I sustained a severe head injury. Miner & Kelly represented me in my third party case and assisted me in my Workers’ Compensation case. We were able to resolve the cases for one million dollars. I would highly recommend the law firm of Miner & Kelly.” — Don Childs

“A family friend recommended Mike when I was involved in a bad motor vehicle accident. Mike took my case as a lawyer and we resolved it as good friends. He was able to get the third-party insurance policy limits and then was able to recover a half million dollars using my own policy under my underinsured motorist coverage. I highly recommend Miner & Kelly. You’ll get more than just excellent attorneys – you’ll get good friends you can always depend on.” — Steve May